Well here it goes.. Breath in, breath out..

Finally the word is out, TQ is finally gonna start blogging. I’m so super excited to start this new journey and share this all with you. It’s been on my mind for such a long time to create a space where I can share all my adventures. Right now I’m living my crazy ass life in New York and I get so inspired in this big city. The people, the vibe, it’s so amazing.

I love connecting with other people who shares the same interests. It really amazes me that this oh so large world we live in, is so much smaller on the internet.

What is a better way to get to know me than to start with a 50 facts about me post? Right, a 50 facts about me post! Enjoy reading and I can’t wait for what’s coming! So stay tuned for more! X

50 silly random facts about me.

  1. I always sneeze when I’m tired.

  2. I don’t like chocolate that much, would rather eat a bag of chips (or 2).

  3. I got 2 “panda” goldfishes named Geer&Goor and a dog named Luna.

  4. I got my hair dyed in almost every colour.

  5. I dye my own hair (most of the time).

  6. I walk really fast, like I’m always in a hurry.

  7. In the past, I won a meet&greet with Leonardo DiCaprio!

  8. I’m addicted to Sriracha sauce; I eat it with almost every meal (so Asian, I know)..

  9. I talk too fast and loud when I get super excited.

  10. I don’t like dairy products like milk, yogurt etc.

  11. I don’t have any tattoos.

  12. I hate shopping in stores, would rather shop online.

  13. The colour of my nail polish will be white 99% of the time.

  14. My favourite Netflix show is GOSSIP GIRL xoxo. (Blake Lively lives in the same town as me!!)

  15. Panda’s are my favo animals.

  16. I’m Vietnamese, born in Hong Kong, grew up in Holland and now living in New York!

  17. Summer is my favourite season.

  18. I use men deodorant.

  19. My mom is my role model & best friend.

  20. I got 2 younger brothers and 1 older brother, so I grew up as one of the boys’ type of girl.

  21. I get along better with guys than girls.

  22. I wanna visit Tokyo soooo bad.

  23. I cry watching drama/romantic movies.

  24. I see the world in shades of grey, there’s no black or white, good or bad – Just nuances.

  25. I get nightmares after watching a horror movie.

  26. I have a fear for ants & spiders.

  27. I got hay fever and it really sucks.

  28. I barely watch TV.

  29. I’m very easily distracted.

  30. My dreams are always so weird. I wanna start writing them down.

  31. I talk to myself (a lot) haha.

  32. I’m turning 26 this year and I feel so old…..

  33. My go to drink is definitely ginger ale.

  34. My full name is: Thi Tu Quynh Mai

  35. I have an OCD kinda thing.

  36. I’m a travel bird.

  37. When I’m hungry, I get grumpy and irritated (call it hangry).

  38. I barely wear jewelry.

  39. I’m a tea kinda person (greentea with honey please).

  40. I always have a ‘’Why am I like this’’ moment at least 5 times a day.

  41. I spend most of my money on food.

  42. I never shave my legs (blessed to have hairless legs).

  43. Singing in the car while driving is my specialty. I’m sure anybody who’s passed me on the road before knows this very well haha.

  44. I hate ice in my drinks & I always ask for a straw.

  45. I’m right handed.

  46. I believe in karma.

  47. I talk in my sleep.

  48. I wish I could sing.

  49. I’m 1.60 (5.2inch) mini.

  50. I google (almost) everything.

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