If you’re planning to visit New York this summer, you definitely should stop by the ”Oddfellows Ice Cream” at the Chef’s Club Counter in SoHo.

This cute little Ice Cream shop has a carnival theme and it has some of the most over-the-top treats you’ll ever see. Ice Cream Cotton Candy Popcorn heaven!

They have different kind of flavours. One of the bestseller is the Cotton Candy Creamsicle. It’s a vanilla & tangerine soft serve wrapped in cotton candy and topped with Pop Rocks! The ultimate carnival dream.  They also have ”the Pink Dip”, which is a raspberry sorbet soft serve that’s dipped in PINK CHOCOLATE! How awesome is that, for all the pink lovers 😉 and it’s topped with freeze dried raspberry and gold dust. And… lastly and personally my favo (I’m really into salted caramel!!) the Concession Stand. A caramel popcorn soft serve, injected with caramel! Ice cream that’s injected with caramel? Sounds like heaven to me. It’s topped off with salted caramel popcorn and chocolate pearls.

Captured by: @omgitsbomb (go check out his instagram for the best food hotspots!)

After your ice cream treat you can capture your visit by stopping by at their photo booth! 1,2,3,4 smile!

Thanks for your visit on my blog! 


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