On my birthday the weather was perfect for a Central Park date. I always wanted to go on a Central Park row boat and I was so happy that I finally got a chance to do that!

There’s something magical about this spot. In the middle of a chaotic city, you can find rest, peace and a super chill vibe here in Central Park. It got so many corners and cute spots.

To get to the Boathouse Central Park is really easy. You can take the 6 train from Grand Central and get off at 77 Street station. From there it’s a 10 minutes walk to the Boathouse. You pay $15 dollar for an hour rowing, which I think is really cheap (cash only!). It’s definitely a great price for an iconic Central Park experience, and a unique idea for a date, or a family day out or just to have fun with friends!

The view was so amazing. From the Boathouse you can row in the direction of the famous Bow Bridge (Glee, Spider-man 3, night at the museum and lots more movies were recorded here).  I had so much fun rowing away on the calm waters and enjoying the gorgeous views from another side.

I’d totally recommend it if you’d like to experience the city in a different way!

We may be in a city, but it’s definitely a city unlike any other!

Have a nice weekend loves!



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